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Sell more to your existing customers

Sell more to your existing customers

December 30, 2021
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Maintaining the relationship with the existing customers is definitely important because the process isn’t supposed to end once a service or a product is sold. After the sale, the post purchase experience is vital to be satisfying not only for nurturing the relationship with them but also for selling more services or products.

The existing customers can be a huge source of revenue for a business owner. However, this fact has been overly overlooked by many businessmen as they tend to focus on attracting brand new customers. Thus, effectively developed business can also be from nurturing the relationships with their existing customers and giving them a lead for the next order to make.

Below, there are several key points of post purchase marketing for a business owner to focus on.

Purchasing experience

Purchasing experience is vital to be as effortless and comfortable as possible for the customer. It is ensured when the customer has an amazing experience, so the business owner can earn trust and confidence from the sale. Ultimately, after the order, the customer will buy more products or services in the future and is not going to make purchases from other recommendations.

Post purchase sequence (off-boarding)

To provide additional assistance for a customer, a business owner needs to consider managing a post purchase sequence. The sequence can be in the form of a series of emails highlighting value to the customer no matter what products or services that they choose. It will also be beneficial to provide answers for repeated questions which are often asked, so the business owner can also save support or requests for refund.

Nurturing relationships

As mentioned in the introduction above, nurturing relationships with the existing customers is a key step to focus on. A business owner is urged to nurture the relationships as it would lead them to trust and put it as priority. One of the tangible alternatives to build the relationships is through marketing by emails.

To set up an email list, you can follow these three email marketing steps, including building your list, providing great content, and paying attention to analytics as well as segmentation. Through the list, you can send a downloadable asset, conduct a giveaway, and give an email course for free.

Product/service ladder

Product or service ladder in a business is shown when the business offers multiple products or services to customers. The ladder works when the customer buys a product or a service, there is another product or service in the next promotional stage. There might only be a few businesses applying for it, but having a product or service ladder is worth carrying out. Isn’t it amazing to sell a product or service multiple times to a new customer?

Positioning the next offer

Positioning the next offer to a customer can be managed in several ways, including positioning through a back-end platform in an E-commerce page or on a website of membership. Another effective way can also be done through automation and marketing strategies by emails. All a business owner needs to do this is by managing specific marketing campaigns which are aimed for target customers who have made a purchase already.


Upsells or cross-sells are one of effective strategies for both E-commerce businesses and those who sell digital products. Unlike cross-selling, upselling is likely more popular in many places in the world. One of the well-known upsells is when McDonalds used to deliver questions to their customers by asking, “Do you want fries with that?” making it a great example of an easy up-sell method leading the customers to check out.

Upselling is a famous technique to invite customers for more purchases in more expensive items, upgrade services, or other forms of add-ons to make more revenue. There are 9 steps to make upsell successful, including pitching a relevant upsell, providing consistent value, identifying the customers who have a need, helping rather than selling, offering a discount, creating a feeling of urgency, checking if the customers are happy before upselling, convincing them with real-life examples, and following up constantly.


Remarketing is a way to connect with the existing customers and it effectively helps a business owner for the business development. The process of remarketing is generally managed into three steps. First, the potential customer visits the website. Second, he is marked with a cooking and added to a list of remarketing under previously defined parameters. Last, an advertising campaign is managed to target the users in the list so only they will be able to see it.

Remarketing can be carried out by displaying ads on social media websites, like Facebook. These ads will be established to numerous target customers to invite their interest, offer next multiple products or services and add more purchases in the future. The strategy is essential to encourage a business in selling more to the existing target customers. It isn’t that hard to ensure someone who has already known you, loved you and trusted you, is it?

Those are some key points for a business owner to focus on with post purchase marketing. To maintain the business development and make more sales in the future, it is important to nurture the relationships with the existing customers and carry out several strategies listed above.


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