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About SAB

You know that feeling when you're part of a team that just clicks? That's what we're all about here at SAB – and we want you to join in on the fun!

We're a crew of young, ambitious folks who are all about delivering top-notch service and having a blast while we do it. Work doesn't have to be a drag, and we're living proof!

We're on a mission to help businesses succeed in today's digital landscape, and we've got the skills and know-how to make it happen. So let's join forces and take your brand to the next level – the SAB way!


Our Team


Tri Lastiko


Have you ever met a group of empathic, helpful, and enthusiastic people? That's what I feel when I'm working with my team. Did I do something right? I orchestrate the SAB from the setup and build-up, and now known as one of the best agencies in Jakarta. A professional listener might not exist in dictionaries. But that's what I like to call myself for my team. And you. Let's talk.


Amanda Fitri Yana

Managing Director

I pour my heart and energy into managing SAB. Not only for our team but also for you. My number might be the one that appears most on your phone if we do work together. I communicate and over-doing it. So that you get comfortable, know that you're in good hands, and we deliver the project on time. I'm pumped for an exciting collaboration with you. Let's say hello to each other!


Abdul Cholik

Web Developer

A well-experienced tech guy might not mean anything if you don't have a sense of aesthetics. That's what I learned most in SAB. As a seasoned web developer, I'm obsessive about a well-running website and its functionality. Yet beautiful and gives a great user experience. I aim to realize your dream project and turn it into your money printer. Let's discuss your project further!


Mega Adiantoro

Finance and Back Office

I'm handling anything related to finance and the back office. I also prepare any paperwork you'll get. Occasionally I'll write you a friendly reminder for the payment. I'm ensuring that our project is budget-wise on track. And that'll give you an easy-to-calculate campaign and insights into the ROI timing.


Dicky Ibrohim

Web Developer

I'm amazed how people can feel bored. I mean, there are so many exciting things to do every time. With that mindset, I become the most productive person in SAB. Taking computer science, I graduated as the best in my university. And the satisfactory level is as high when I deliver my best work for you!


Agung Rusdian


Design is about taste and preference. But I believe that beauty is universal. I aim to create an aesthetically pleasing design for you with a great user experience. The trend is something that I'm following. Though in SAB, we have a secret sauce for a functional design. Simple and not fancy. Let me design that for you.



Strategist and Ads Specialist

Pursuing the best possible cost and conversion are the things that I thrive on every day. Campaign optimization is my hobby. Hey, what's better than doing a hobby and earning a living? As a strategist and ads specialist, I will be someone you talk to if you want to grow your brand and make more sales quicker.


Rika Dyah

Business and Sales Strategist

Self-actualization is my mantra. And that's what I'm looking for at SAB. Working in several industries and targeting customers from many areas expanded my knowledge in this business. We refine our strategy, boldly implement it, and give it time to work. Let's talk about your goal!


Hanndy Dannovan

Web Developer

A website is a fundamental marketing asset if you want to thrive in the digital world. It will become centralized information about your business and a platform that can generate money for you. I ensure the implementation is going in the right direction. Make a website project painless from the start until launching.


La Ode Sahril

Web Developer

People called me a speed monster. My job in SAB is to ensure that your website loads fast. Being a techie makes me obsessive about optimizing websites and exploring the possibilities to make them better. I'll diligently do that for your project and let you focus on the business.


Sulthan Falah

Social Media Specialist

Social media enables you to reach more customers and build your brand's trust. Being present will separate you, in your industry, from your competitors. In SAB, my task is to strategize your social media from conception, production, and optimization. Let's maximize your social media accounts with me!

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Core values

It is more about what you do than what you know. In SAB, a proven track record of impressive results is our real competence.

When we put our skills together creating solutions for our clients, it works. Our creativity is not only for aesthetics. They also drive traffic, convert, and boost sales.

We are unique individuals working together with positivity, and 100% professional understanding.
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