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Why Your Business Needs a Website Audit

Why Your Business Needs a Website Audit

December 26, 2021
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For most people, the word "audit" often brings up a strong feeling of dread because, most of the time, business audits aren't always good. In this scenario, however, conducting a website audit is beneficial and necessary for establishing a solid digital marketing strategy.

5 Perks of Performing a Website Audit

Making sure your website can run efficiently and effectively is invaluable, for it is your primary source of revenue.

Suppose you hire professionals to audit your site. In that case, expect them to at the very least analyze and provide constructive suggestions for enhancing:

Better Visibility In the Search Engines

One of the primary benefits of auditing a website is that your page will have a much higher chance to appear on the first page of search engines, even better on the few first ranks.

The better your website ranking, the higher the number of clicks to your website. To do this, you must first know what exactly you would like to rank for.  Your website audit team is highly likely recommending a keyword strategy, for it is the foundation of a good organic search ranking.

A web page audit will typically include keyword research and discovery, which will be incorporated into your off-site and on-page SEO.

Boost User Experience

Sluggish pages, intervening content, and poor load speeds are just a few of many things that often turn off prospective customers.

As you might already understand, search engines are user-centric, aiming to present content other visitors recommend based on their interaction. Only if your web page can deliver a consistent, high-quality user experience on all devices—PCs, tablets, and smartphones—will you be able to rank first in search engine results.

Performing a website audit will provide you assistance in identifying the correct methods that can improve your website's general functioning. That way, visitors will want to stay on your page longer, leading to a considerable number of sales.

Improve Performance

Let's admit that most people are impatient, and if your website takes more than 5 seconds to load fully, then it won't be surprising should there be a higher bounce rate.

According to Google research, the bounce rate may increase approximately 2% when the website load time increases from 1 to around 3 seconds. Hence, there should be some improvements implemented to your websites.

A website audit that includes site speed testing using Page Speed Tool is beneficial because it provides detailed information regarding your page's current optimization stage.

Identify Weak Spots

An extensive audit can assist you in identifying any onsite or off-site issues that affect your web page traffic. Broken URLs, hidden content, backlinks, and spam are a few of the many difficulties that might driving potential clients away from your website.

Those difficulties can significantly affect the whole traffic of your website, as well as your conversions. A professional site audit will help you unveil and fix those issues to prevent them from spiraling out of control.

Pinpoint Winning Content

The quality of your website content is the primary reason why people come back to your page. Auditing your online business platform may assist you in figuring out what kinds of content your visitors may appreciate and how they would prefer to view it.

A website audit allows you to develop an effective content strategy that focuses on your visitors' views. It will result in satisfied users that can also lead to higher organic search engine results.

How to Audit a Website?

Perform your auditing process now that you already know the benefits of regularly auditing your website. To help you out, below are some pointers you can follow:

Speed Test

The website load speed is one of the crucial aspects that should be included in an audit. You can perform a simple speed test using Google's Page Speed Tool or other speed test tools. This tool will help you identify your site speed and things that might affect it.

Search Engine Rankings

You can simply type specific keywords you would like to view the rank of your website. However, due to the nature of such a manual method, many professionals don't recommend it. Furthermore, search engine results are dynamic; therefore, this approach will merely provide you a rough sense of your web page's rank.

To find out the ranking of your company website, you need to go to your webmaster account and log in. Click the "More" tab, and you will see a list of your keywords. To view the ranking, simply click on any keyword.

Content Review

To perform a content review, you need to identify which ones should be kept, which ones should be improved, and which ones should be deleted.

Search engines love fresh content; thus, it's vitally important to keep relevant and updated content. The said content includes FAQs, success stories, general information about your business, and the likes.

Performing a website audit can be tremendously tricky, even for professionals. Yet still, routinely conducting a site audit can bring an abundance of benefits to your website and business.


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