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Turn Your Ad into a Scroll Stopper

Turn Your Ad into a Scroll Stopper

December 20, 2021
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We've all pointlessly scrolled through Facebook, not paying attention to anything. Countless numbers of uninspiring visuals and words have passed our eyes, soon forgotten. We need something really compelling and resonates with us for us to pause. That’s when a scroll stopper is needed.

It is content that is designed to prevent a user from scrolling. It immediately captures and holds their attention. This content has captivated the user's interest and makes them eager to learn more.

Why Is It Important?

Scroll-stopping content is analogous to hearing your own name called out in a crowd. It's instantly recognizable, and you're intrigued. It's impossible to look away when you identify with the content you're seeing.

It creates visually appealing content and instantly connects with your target audience, which could be a gripping headline, a startling image, or an intriguing video. The content may come in various shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they command attention and demand it immediately.

Scroll Stopper Key Factors

Like anything else, it is only helpful if it is designed with a specific purpose. If it does not line up with your brand or message, you will only create confusion. Let's get to the main elements that scroll-stopping content must have to pique your audience’s interest instantly:

1. Knowing your audience

You could make the most arresting, attention-grabbing advertising in the world that will stop any scroller in their tracks, but it will not appeal to your audience if they do not identify with it. Before planning your ad, make sure you have a clear, direct message in mind for your target audience.

Understanding your audience is critical to turn your content into a scroll stopper, and you must do so well. It assists you in determining what content and messages people are interested in. It will help you choose the appropriate tone and voice for your message once you've decided what to say.

The most effective marketing messages help consumers feel as if you are reading their minds. You can convey their difficulties, goals, pain points, and desires so clearly that you feel as if you're living in a pleasant penthouse suite in their head.

2. A Good Headlines

If you want to get people's attention, you need a killer headline. Noone will stop scrolling to look into the details if your headline does not immediately grab their attention. Short and to-the-point headlines are effective. You want your headline to pique the reader's interest. Check out our simple tips to write great headlines:

  • Make it different.
  • Be ultra-specific.
  • Convey a sense of urgency: Do It Now! Or Don’t Miss Out!
  • Use simple words
  • Use exciting adjectives, such as essential, effortless, free, fun, incredible, etc.
  • Flag the reader: use “you.”
  • Use emotional words: miracle, incredible, blissful, sensational, triumph, etc.

3. A Good Copy

Your copy, like your headline, should be focused on the message you want to convey. If you're trying to run a special promotion, make sure it's obvious. If you're promoting a new product, emphasize the benefits that your target audience will appreciate.

Good copy isn't always stylish. However, people are more attracted to copy, which develops trust, authority, and relationships, and also gets people talking, sharing, and buying. The formulas are simple and effective. To figure out "how to write good," you don't need the copywriting DNA or countless hours of study.

All you have to do is stick to the basics and adopt proven methods. Follow the short guide below to write a good copy:

  • Be clear
  • Use powerful language
  • Put the reader first: use “you.”
  • Avoid fancy words or hyperbole
  • Develop a unique tone and style
  • Do not overwrite or overstate
  • Use the appropriate tools.

4. Imagery

Each and every part of advertising has only a few seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer and be an excellent scroll stopper. There is no doubt that a powerful and fascinating image that captivates your audience is your best bet.

Images help potential buyers in visualizing the product or service being offered. Pictures are more effective at capturing attention than a slogan or headline. A picture is worth a thousand words, and advertising space is limited and costly! Make the most of your advertising space by incorporating images.

5. Tailor your copy for the platform

Using the identical ad copy for two different platforms can be a huge mistake. For instance, you can simply post an ad on Facebook saying, “Check out my super product by clicking this link.”

When you share the duplicate copy to Instagram, you just hurt the efficacy of your precious ad because Instagram doesn’t allow users to include clickable links in posts. Instead, you can place clickable links in the Instagram bio. It may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how easily the nuances of these social networks can be overlooked.

Pay attention to these critical factors. You need to do it well because becoming a scroll stopper is an outstanding way to pique your audience’s interest instantly.


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