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Build Your Brand by Sharing Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge is a Key to Building Your Brand

December 12, 2021
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Sharing knowledge - As a human, we have the nature to always curious and want to learn new things. To meet these needs, some people choose formal institutions to study. On the other hand, some people choose to develop themselves through informal institutions. Therefore, until today, education institutions or courses are still in great demand.

In this digital and internet era, sharing knowledge has become easier than before. One can learn new things through YouTube, websites, social media, or recently trending podcasts. We can see this potential from the number of followers and engagement of creators who share educational content. Unfortunately, not many business owners take advantage of this potential.

Usually, they worry that sharing their knowledge can bring down their business. Whereas sharing knowledge can strengthen the brand image. In other words, when someone feels they have learned from the content we share, they will usually come back again. In addition, they may be interested in the products we include in the educational content that we create.

Are you interested in trying this opportunity? Here are some forms of knowledge sharing that you can try.

Sharing Knowledge: YouTube Videos

Some people prefer to learn visually. People of this type will usually prefer video content. Therefore, YouTube is their favorite platform. In this platform, they can easily find educational videos or tutorials on doing things. Sometimes, they watch videos while following the steps in the content.

For example, if you own photography business, you can create a video tutorial on how to photos using Adobe Photoshop. The content can contain basic knowledge about the application for beginners. Then, you can simultaneously show a portfolio of your work in the video, complete with contacts that viewers can contact if they are interested in using your services.


Recently, podcasts have also become a popular platform for educational content. Their target audience is usually people who prefer to listen to something in their spare time. The content that creators share is mostly about hobbies, experience stories, to tips and tricks. In this case, engaging storytelling is the key to keeping people interested in listening.

Production of podcast content is not as expensive and complicated as video. You only need a microphone and other sound support tools. However, you should choose attractive speakers because they are the key to the success or failure of your content. Through podcasts, you can share your knowledge and build your personality and connections with your listeners.

Digital Product

Another way that you can try to share knowledge is to create a digital product. However, you'll need to do some research beforehand to find what material your audience needs most. After that, you can determine the form of digital products that are approximately suitable for your desired target. Some digital products that you can try include applications, audio, video, and digital books.

To attract the audience but still make a profit, you can first provide a trial product. Then, users can buy the paid version if they feel it fits the digital product you offer. Thus, you and the consumer both benefit. Create digital products that are educational and useful so that your audience is interested in buying the full version.


Besides some digital content that we discussed above, some people still prefer to learn through books. This form is also suitable for those of you who want to sell educational content with detailed information.

You can create physical or digital books. However, if you want a product that costs less to manufacture, an e-book can be a perfect choice. The distribution can also be easier because buyers can download it immediately after paying.


Courses are one of the best mediums for sharing knowledge. It is because not everyone can learn on their own without the guidance of others. While the process is not instant and takes some time, many people do not hesitate to invest their money and time in taking courses. Some of the most popular courses are language, design, and programming.

You can offer courses per level or program, according to the needs of your customers. To make it more interesting, you can provide discounts for people who take several courses at once. Also, determine the syllabus according to the period of the course you need. That way, your customers can consider how much money and time they want to invest.

Those are some ways of sharing knowledge that you can try. But first, research the characteristics of your audience before deciding on the medium you want to create. Find out what most of your audience needs and likes, then create content that matches their interests.

You can adjust the content you choose according to your budget. You can also do a test first. If your followers respond well, you can move on. If not, you can try another, more suitable platform. Don't hesitate to keep trying. That way, you can continue to grow with your followers and audience.


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