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Create The Perfect Thank You Video For Your Customers

Create The Perfect Thank You Video For Your Customers

December 23, 2021
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million. Hence, it has become popular for businesses to utilize video to convey messages to their customer.

Moreover, a study run by Microsoft has found that the attention span of one person has shortened from 12 seconds to merely 8 seconds. It further emphasizes the importance of using audiovisual content such as video to build trustworthy relations with customers.

A personalized thank you video is one of many examples of how audiovisual content could contribute to maintaining good relations with customers while enhancing an excellent customer experience at the same time.

In this article, we will discuss how to make a perfect thank-you video that would effectively build stronger relationships with your customers, resulting in them being loyal customers who could also turn to be perfect brand advocates.

Authenticity Over Perfection

While it might be true that people would appreciate receiving clean and well-produced videos, authenticity is one more important aspect of a perfect thank you video. In general, people appreciate a video that exudes sincerity as well as authenticity. Something as simple as addressing the targeted customer by their name in the video would greatly impact them. The more connected they feel while watching the video, the more likely they will become your loyal customer.

Write Out A Rough Plan Beforehand

Keeping the authenticity of the video doesn't necessarily mean you won't need any script. You'd still have to make sure that you say things logically and eloquently in the video. Moreover, if you want to make a more personalized video that addresses the customer by their name, you might want to ensure that you pronounce the name correctly. Thus, it wouldn't hurt to have a script or simply a rough plan of things you want to say in the video.

Keep It Short

It is best to keep the video short. As much as you'd want to make your audience feel touched by the video, it is unnecessary to make your customer watch a long video when all you want to say is how grateful you are for purchasing your product.

Think of thank you video as a more engaging version of a thank you note. A thank-you note could still be sweet and heartwarming regardless of how concise it is.

The ideal length of a thank you note is roughly around 90 seconds to 3 minutes. If the video is too long, you can simply trim the video using a video editor program such as Adobe Premiere Pro, or iMovie.

Be Straightforward

You don't want to have your customer be confused on what's the purpose of the video because of how dragged the message in the video is. A thank you video aims to show your gratitude towards your customer, and then you should focus on ensuring that the message is said across in the video.

Personalize The Video

The customer would always appreciate a personalized message. If you want to gain a community of loyal customers who wouldn't even hesitate to advocate your brand to people they know, then it would be wise for you to go the extra mile on personalizing the thank you video. You could do so by using the customer's name in the video and being more specific on what you are grateful for.

For example, you can make a thank you video that mentions how happy and grateful you are that they repurchase your product for the second time. The message is still simple and not invasive, yet it's specific enough that your customer would be touched to hear it.

Always Review The Video

As you would have to make numerous thank you videos, it is best to always double-check the video before sending them. Make sure that the video quality is decent and the information relayed within the video is correct. It is suggested to have one or two other people review the video to eliminate any human error.

Ensure The Video Is Shareable

As the customer feels happy receiving the thank you video, it would be much better to share the video with their friends and family. You can send the thank you video through a shareable platform such as Instagram or Facebook.

Sharing the video through social media would also serve the purpose of showcasing how serious your business is at delivering the best customer experience to the general public.

All and all, creating a perfect thank you video won't need an expensive set of cameras and lighting. Simply putting out the authenticity of your business and a well-thought-out message would suffice to make your customer feel happy.


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