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Use a Branding to Deliver a Story to Your Customers

Use a Branding to Deliver a Story to Your Customers

December 5, 2021
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The branding process is not only about creating a logo and name for your business.  Branding has a broader meaning than a tangible company identity, like logo and other visual cues. In marketing, the definition has evolved over the years.

Essentially, you can define branding as the identification, development, and management of the company’s resources and actions that form stakeholder’s perception of it. This is a cyclical process. As the company grows, you will need to improve your brand continuously. This is necessary to keep the brand afloat in a competitive market.

How Does Branding Tell a Story About Your Company?

Basically, developing a brand means developing the persona of your company to the stakeholders. Here is how branding will build people’s perception of your company:

1. It creates ways for people to identify your company

The visual or esthetical components of the brand can provide ways for people to identify your brand. When seeing your name or logo on the street or somewhere else, they will immediately think about your company and your products.

This might seem like a niche thing. However, studies have shown that people tend to choose brands that they recognize than those they do not. For example, if a new product is introduced to the public, people who use your brand may opt for your product instead of the others.

2. It provides clear direction for advertising

Advertising is the way for the company’s name to get out to the public. Without a specific brand in mind, the advertising process will be very difficult. The team will encounter difficulty determining the main message and the tone that your company wants to deliver.

Branding tells a story about the company because it helps the advertising team to identify the advertisement contents. It identifies things that need to be highlighted in the advertisement. It also sets the tone that is aligned with the company’s vibe.

3. It helps build the company’s values

There is a dynamic relationship between a company’s values and its brand. The company’s values will affect the brand, but at the same time, the brand can also influence changes in the company’s values. The brand’s growing company will adjust its values to match it because the brand evolves faster.

The best illustration for this might be customer service behavior. Customer service represents the company at the frontline. The company’s values held by the officers can be seen by the customers directly. This interaction tells customers about the brand.

Using Website For Your Branding Strategy

Website is a powerful tool for a company. It provides a means to connect with the stakeholders, customers, and potential partners alike. With a website, a stakeholder can choose when to connect with you without being restrained by office hours. Website user also has the freedom to access information that is relevant to them.

A part of a modern branding strategy is using a website to build your brand. The more people visit your website, you will see that your brand outreach will get wider. You just need to build your website to represent the brand.

4 Important Elements of Branding on Your Website

There are important elements of the website that you need to pay attention to if you want to establish your brand:

1. Logo

You need to present the logo on the website at a spot that people will likely look at. It is usually placed at the top of the web page. The logo needs to represent the company well. You may need to employ an expert to come up with a logo that fulfills the following criteria:

  • It is distinctive from other logos.
  • It looks appropriate.
  • It contains all the right information that needs to be presented.
  • The design is not too complicated.

2. Color scheme

The color scheme of a website also represents the brand. For example, a cupcake store may use a pastel color scheme for its website. The visitors will think of it as appropriate because it really resembles the cupcake icing. This color scheme should not clash with the logo. Instead, it should complement the logo design.

3. Copywriting

A website is composed of written words and images. The copywriting will provide information that photos are unable to deliver. You should note that copywriting is not one size fits all. The copywriting in one website may not fit if applied to the others.

Here are some tips for designing great copywriting:

  • Identifying the target audience
  • Determining the value of your brand, particularly compared to other similar brands
  • Creating a specific objective for the copywriting
  • Choosing an engaging header
  • Staying clean and concise with the writing

4. Visual imagery

Photos presented on the website show your brand to the public. Of course, using stock photos is an option for you. However, it would be better to take photos of your own. It would match the brand better and provide distinction from other brands.

Branding is a complicated yet very crucial task. It is a way to tell your company’s story to the customers. Your website can be a branding tool. Therefore, you need to pay attention to certain website elements to make your website more in line with your brand.


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