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Things to Look Out in Your SEO Expert

Things to Look Out in Your SEO Expert

December 6, 2021
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Tailoring a website according to SEO principles is necessary if you want to increase search engine visibility. Business owner is likely to encounter difficulties in designing their website according to the SEO principles. Thus, they will hire an SEO expert to do the task.

Despite being less knowledgeable in SEO matters, you should make an effort to look for the right expert. It is an investment for your business. Of course, you want the result to turn out well. There are some green lights and red flags that you can pay attention to when selecting an SEO expert for the project.

Green Light for Choosing an SEO Professional

During your search, you will get several potential names. Each candidate will show relevant information that should become the basis of your final choice. This list shows the kind of green flags that you must pay attention to:

1. SEO experience

Nowadays, claiming to be an expert is not difficult to do. As a fairly new industry, public knowledge about SEO is still very limited as well. It would be best if you did not immediately trust someone who claims to be an expert.

It is important to ask for proof of past works from the candidate. A professional is likely to have their own portfolio ready. You may not fully understand the person’s full capability, but here are some things that you can look for:

  • The person has worked in the SEO industry for more than a few years.
  • The candidate has done various SEO projects in a steady stream over the years.
  • The candidate lists the tasks that they had done for previous clients.
  • Some of the clients are well-known in their industries, although it is a must.

2. Testimonials from previous clients

From the portfolio, you can also see testimonials from previous clients. It is easier when you are looking at their online portfolio because the testimonials are made public. You can do your research even before contacting the candidate so that your recruitment process will be more focused.

It is great that your preferred candidate has received many positive reviews from clients. However, you should also pay attention to how the candidate interacted with their clients in that testimony section. Were they respectful, or were they aloof? How did they deal with less positive comments?

3. Knowledge about SEO matters

This particular green light will be shown when you have started to contact the candidate. The person’s portfolio may only indicate their possible expertise. However, you will know immediately once you have started to talk to the person about the project.

You may look for these cues to know if the SEO expert is really knowledgeable about their job:

  • The expert can answer your questions in a reassuring manner.
  • When explaining SEO, the person can do it without using jargon.
  • The expert can identify what your website needs based on your explanation.

4. Interest in the project

When choosing an SEO expert, you should consider how excited the person is about your project. You will often meet a seasoned expert who thinks that your project is not challenging or rewarding enough for them.

Identifying the person’s interest is not too difficult. First, the person should show commitment to meet with you on time. Another thing, an interested candidate will ask you several relevant questions about the project.

The Red Flags

In addition to paying attention to the green lights, you need to be wary of several red flags too. Here are some common red flags in the search for an SEO expert:

1. Too low rates

A small business owner tends to look for the cheapest option possible. However, this is not without possible consequences. You might get less than satisfying results from investing less. Thus, be wary of someone offering their services at a price point that is too good to be true.

2. Non-realistic promises

Another thing to be wary of is non-realistic promises. This is particularly related to the project timeline. Search engine optimization is a complicated process, so there is no instant way to get traffic to your website. You should double-check if your candidate offers quick results.

3. on-transparent process

Although you are entrusting the project to an SEO expert, you still need to oversee it. The most important thing is to check on their progress regularly. A trusted expert will disclose their progress and difficulties without hiding them. Do not trust someone who hides the entire process.

4. Poor communication

As you are working together to optimize traffic to your website, you need to communicate well with the expert. If you sense that the person responds to your questions or feedback in a negative way, you may not be enjoying your experience. It is also important to work with someone who can respond to your inquiry promptly.

Working with an SEO expert when you have little to zero knowledge about it is nerve-wracking. However, you can follow the guideline to create a good experience and a good result for your website.


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