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Gordi picture


CASE STUDY Gordi OVERVIEW Gordi is an e-commerce specialized for coffee. You can buy various sorts of coffee and the

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Batik wirawan Image

Wirawan Batik

CASE STUDY Wirawan Batik OVERVIEW Wirawan Batik offers a wide range of batik patterns in the form of fabric. It

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Strong cosmetics

Strong Cosmetics

CASE STUDY Strong Cosmetics OVERVIEW Strong Cosmetics is an e-commerce specialized for cosmetics. You can buy various products of cosmetics.

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Yamo Product


CASE STUDY Yamo OVERVIEW Yamo is a fresh organic baby food with natural organic ingredients. Adding nutritions for baby and

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Dua coffee image

Dua Coffee

CASE STUDY Dua Coffee OVERVIEW Dua Coffee offers their customers the best prepared coffee. Dua will make its best effort

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Aleza store


CASE STUDY Aleza OVERVIEW Aleza is an e-commerce specialized in fashion for women. Local brand and have belived that modest

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Stoked about product

Stoked About

CASE STUDY Stoked About OVERVIEW Gravida commodo in a, vitae, sit. Accumsan, in morbi viverra euismod fermentum quis nulla massa

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