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8 Blog Topics Your Customers Want To Read About

8 Blog Topics Your Customers Want To Read About

December 24, 2021
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Sometimes we are too engrossed in ensuring that our blog posts are SEO friendly to improve the website's rank that the main purpose of the writing gets lost in the way. Ultimately, all of the written content on the blog page is aimed to interest the web visitors enough that they would consider becoming a customer.

To retain the visitor's attention long enough, they would be directed to click the CTA or any action. It is important to ensure that the writings cover many interesting topics with an intriguing style of writing.

To help inspire you to write, we have summarized various blog topics that your customers want to read about.

1. Problems And Solutions Articles

Providing articles that discuss solutions to your product's niche problems could give the impression that your company is an expert in the related field. The more helpful your article is, the better people would remember you as an expert. Hence, they would keep coming back to check out many of your articles. If you could promote your product as the solution for the problem discussed in the article, people would be more likely to purchase the product itself.

2. Tutorials And Demonstrations Articles

This article is usually aimed at the existing customer that has purchased our goods or service. This type of writing would further explain and demonstrate the best way of using the products. Aside from that, the demonstration of the product could appeal to prospective customers. If the demonstration is intriguing enough, it could convince the possible buyer enough to purchase the said product.

You would often stumble upon this type of article on a website that offers a software product in which the article would discuss a way of accomplishing something using the software (e.g How to edit your background using Adobe Photoshop)

3. Advantages Article

Introducing how a product could give a heap of benefits could be done in this type of article. Usually discusses how beneficial a product or service could be; this type of article has a clear, persuasive tone. There would be a direct call-to-action for the reader to purchase or check out the product that has been discussed within the article.

4. Customer Story

Your customer's experience could be utilized as content for your blog page. This blog post would highlight the customer's journey with a specific product and how it impacts their lives. This type of content could help build the trustworthiness of your product. This type of article could also be a marketing campaign in which the customer could be the sole writer of the article in exchange for a promo code or any other interesting reward.

This type of campaign is considered a type of brand advocacy campaign in which the customer advocates the brand.

5. Beginner Guide or 101 Articles

Beginner guide or 101 articles are usually the baseline article intended to educate the reader about a product or service. Mostly containing short keywords, the article itself usually serves as the drive of organic traffic when a website just launched. As it is a guide to a beginner, the discussion within the article is usually pretty generic.

6. Ultimate Guide or In-depth Guide Articles

Usually written as a long blog post, this type of article usually covers many technical explanations about a product or service. Jargons that are unique to the niche could mostly be found in such articles. It usually serves as a way to promote a product, its distinct function, and its technicality.

7. Explanation or Causation Articles

Usually used in business that offers a service as their core product (e.g., nursing care business), this article explains a phenomenon, condition, event, and its causes. Usually, this type of article is based on facts. Therefore, you have to ensure that the information delivered within the article is accurate.

8. Law and Regulation Articles

This type of writing would introduce the law or regulation surrounding the product that they sell. For example, a company that offers a medical service would write an article about ordering medicines that require a doctor's prescription. This article is important to prevent misusage of products that should be used strictly under a regulation or law.

Ultimately, the articles written on the website have the purpose of converting the visitor to be a customer. However, it should be noted that writings that are too on the nose on selling the product would disinterest the website visitor. With the topics suggested above, hopefully, your audience would be intrigued enough to stay and finish reading the contents provided on the website.


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