From Website to Custom Software Development, from Planning to Maintenance, SAB provides various services. A clear defined project is what we need from you. The transparency, reachability and project delivery are our core quality. May we can support you for all your tech needs.

SAB Work Process

This is the journey of creating the next big thing for you. The clarity of each step and points are what we aim from every phase.

  • 1. Analyse

    You tell us your story, the current problem you have or what you need at the moment. Whether it's a website, custom software, design production, comprehensive consultation or other services. We analyse that and come back to you with our assessment and the project's objective. We'll help you by giving you the guidance of from where to start.

  • 2. Design

    We'll then make the blueprint of your project based on the agreed objective. Besides, we'll develop the plan, the timeline and the prototype for you to check. You give us the feedback, and we'll lock the design/plan to meet the schedule we suggested.

  • 3. Produce

    Now is the time to execute the plan. Our production team will focus on implementing the best tech solution for your project. In parallel, we'll always keep in touch by inviting you to our project management platform and the communication channel so that you'll know the progress of the work. The project is finished once you're satisfied with the work and the handover of all project's assets. To make it easier, we also offer you the maintenance to make sure everything is in a top-notch condition.

Our Process

Website / Platform Dev

WordPress or other CMS. PHP or Node.js. Static or Dynamic. You have imagination to tell. We have the solution to create them.


From WooCommerce to Shopify, from Prestashop to Magento. We make the platform based on your requirement and your product. Money comes once your E-Commerce is online.

Custom Software

Whether you need a desktop or web application, we're ready to optimise your business with it. ERP or POS, do you think you need those two? Let us make the software that suits you.

Mobile Apps

Do you want to build an app but don't know where to start? Do you have a dream project but never got it rightly executed? Don't worry. Talk to us.

Digital Marketing

SEO, Paid Ads, Social Media Marketing. 360 degree. The last research says 75% of the total marketing budget will go to Digital Marketing. Invest your money in what matters.

Content Creation

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are only the platforms. They mean nothing if you have no content, whether the text, photo or video. Be relevant. Be standout. Tell the world your story.


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Projects Delivered


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