5 Tips for Promoting Your Black Friday Event on Social Media

January 2, 2022
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Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which also marks the start of the Christmas holiday in the United States. On that day, shops will give big discounts to attract many customers. Over time, Black Friday has become a culture in the United States and has spread worldwide.

In this internet and digital era, it's not only physical stores that hold massive discounts on Black Friday. Through their social media and website, e-commerce also participated in this event. They even advertised it long before the D-day, following by persuasive posts and discount offers of up to 50%.

This event is a great opportunity for online business owners to promote themselves at the same time. By participating in this event, online stores can increase audience brand awareness. In other words, while satisfying your old customers, you can get new ones.

Are you interested in joining the Black Friday event? Here are some tips from us that you might try.

Tailor Your Deals to Your Audience

Firstly, you need to tailor your offer to your desired audience, starting from the amount of the discount to what items you will discount during Black Friday. Pay attention to your sales data, find out what your customers like the most and what the mainstays of your store are. If necessary, you can create a small survey about what products they most expect will appear in the Black Friday promo.

The point is, in planning a Black Friday event, you shouldn't only focus on the amount of the discount. In other words, if you give a big discount on an item that customers don't really like, it would be a waste. Also, another strategy you should try is by offering bundle packages or buy one free promo. So, you can also sell the stock of items that are not selling too well. Consumers like discounts and free stuff. Therefore, make the offer as engaging as possible.

Build Anticipation

Use your social media to spread the information that you will give a great discount on Black Friday. Do this promotion at least twice a week before the event. Thus, you will attract more enthusiasm from your audience. Make them curious about what you are preparing. This method can also increase your social media engagement.

Make content such as teasers or sneak peek on your social media. If necessary, you can maximize the promotion by boosting it using the ads feature. Thus, your promotional content can reach a wider target audience. Don't be hesitant to invest your money in social media ads because it's worth the cost.

Use Effective Imagery

There is a saying love comes from the eyes before it enters the heart. Therefore, you need to create an attractive post design. One of them is by highlighting the popular products you sell and the big discount numbers. Make several posts like this with a persuasive design so you can create a mini discount catalog on your social media.

This strategy will psychologically encourage your audience's anticipation. Moreover, by posting it a few days before Black Friday, your followers will be aiming for their coveted item. Thus, on the D day, they already know which items they want to buy.

Post Sparingly

You don't need to upload too many discounts and offer content on social media at one time. Such a strategy can confuse your followers. Instead of being interested, if you post too often, your followers can even feel annoyed. Just choose a few high-demand flagship products. Thus, your followers will be more focused on making their wish list.

Give interval between one post and another. That way, your followers won't get bored and consider your posts as spam. Remember, your main goal is to get their attention. So instead of overwhelming them, you need to rouse their curiosity and give them time to pay attention to your every offer.


After seeing your Black Friday offer, there will be a lot of questions from your followers. Therefore, you must answer all of them patiently. Tell your customer service team that they must actively answer every question in a friendly manner. Thus, you can create a good relationship and communication between you and your consumers.

Don't underestimate this point. Even though it seems like a minor service, an online store that ignores consumer questions can cause a bad image. It is undeniable that every consumer always likes friendly and attentive service. Therefore, you and your team should take the time to answer any of their questions.

Those are some tips for your Black Friday promotion. At the event, all stores will compete to attract consumers with various attractive offers. Therefore, you must make the best marketing strategy. Your goal is to satisfy your old customers and attract new customers and increase the brand awareness of other social media users.


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