Why This Quote Means So Much to My Business

December 13, 2021
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For some people, words can be a weapon. Although it seems trivial, words can bring down or save others. In this case, for a businessman, words can also be a source of inspiration and motivation. There is a quote that has been a source of my inspiration, both for life and business. One of them is a quote from the inspirational figure Mahatma Gandhi below.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."Mahatma Gandhi.

It may sound cliché, but for me, these quotes are very powerful. So simple, but we can apply it in various states of life. When you see this quote, a question may pop up in your head. What will I do today if tomorrow I will die? Also, what must I do to survive if I have to live forever? I must say that this is one of the quotes that made me survive and continue to want to grow until now.

A Moment That Changed My Life

I came across this quote on my way home from work. At that time, I was very frustrated and had no purpose in life. I often feel lazy and feel there is still tomorrow to do anything. Back then, I liked to procrastinate and didn't care if my behavior bothered my colleagues.

However, when I accidentally found these quotes on a roadside wall, I was immediately felt slapped. At that moment, I realized something. If tomorrow I die, will I regret the life I left behind? Also, I realized how meaningless my previous life was and how I had wasted my precious time.

At that moment, it felt like the universe was reprimanding me. There's a lot I haven't done, a lot I still want to learn, and I've wasted the time I had yesterday. Not wanting to keep feeling down, at that time, I promised to change and live my life as best I could. This quote is also the one that encouraged me to start my own business. Because, if not now, then when?

Gandhi and Finding Peace in Living

As I mentioned earlier, the quote belongs to Mahatma Gandhi, a spiritual leader and politician from India. He is known for his peaceful approach to resolving conflicts around him. Many people are inspired by him and his wise words, including me.

With this quote, Gandhi wanted to say that we should not be afraid to live life and try new things. Let this life be the reason you live. In other words, Gandhi advised that we should live life as best we can and learn from what we experience.

Life is About Fighting and Learning

The phrase "Live as if you were to die tomorrow" encourages people to stop procrastinating and do what they need to do right now. Meanwhile, the phrase "Learn as if you were to live forever" invites people not to hesitate to learn new things as a weapon if we have to live forever.

As someone who has decided to go into business, I think these values are what I need. Whatever opportunity there is today, I will take it. Besides, I continued to learn and develop myself as if I was going to live forever. This principle then made me not hesitate in taking steps and making decisions.

Applying Gandhi's View of Life in Business

In line with Gandhi's ideas, I also feel we should be bolder in life. Stop procrastinating and dare to try new things for me is one of the keys to success. If we keep thinking that we can do something tomorrow, we may never actually do it. Then, if we are always afraid to try new things, we may miss the opportunity.

In the business that I run, I use this principle as motivation. For example, when I meet a new client with a challenging request, I don't hesitate to accept it. If the request is beyond my capacity so far, I will take it first and create an agreement to let them give me a chance to try it for a certain period. I will only give up if the product I produce still does not match their expectations until that period. For me, failing after trying is still better than not trying at all.

Lessons I Learned from This Quote

Opportunity does not come twice. If we can pick it up today, why not? Of course, in business, we do have to consider every step we take. However, that doesn't mean we have to hide behind doubts because it will only keep us one step behind the others.

In short, since finding this quote, I have become bolder in life. We never know when life will end, so live it as best you can, likewise, in business. We don't know when the opportunity will come again, so make the most of today's opportunity. Don't waste it and do your best.

Everyone has a different experience when it comes to finding words of wisdom that change their lives. How about you? Is there a meaningful quote that has influenced your life until now?


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