Your Website is for Your Customers, Not for You

December 27, 2021
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The design and content of a website are supposed to engage your target customers. It is important for your website to focus on how to catch their attention, solve their problems and help them decide to purchase. It is not a big problem if the design of your webpage doesn’t appeal to you because what matters is for your customers only.

To get started as a business owner, these are several key points of what to focus on with your website.

When is design important?

The importance of design deals with building a trusted website. Once potential customers come for a visit to your website, they will find one which is well-cared and trustworthy. However, remember that they are also more just about being connected to the design as they purposely also come for solutions. Therefore, the layout design and content are supposed to work together to lit their interest and answer their questions.

To make a business successful, the owner first requires earning a profit which can be from satisfied customers. Once executed and designed well, a website can be the best shot for inviting more and more happy customers.

These potential customers have a reason to resolve while visiting your website. They know what they need and how to get it. Therefore, the importance of user experience (UX) comes onto the surface. The user experience is functioned to help the customers navigate the site effortlessly as its ultimate purpose is to find the information they need quickly and avoid getting lost. Thus, the friendlier your website for your customers is, the more likely they get engaged and make a purchase decision.

The “wrong” blue

If your website has something that you don’t like, it is not a great deal as you don’t have to fall in love with all the things there, such as its particular illustration or color shades. All you have to do is to think more that “my target customers don’t love it” rather than “I don’t love it.” Hence, although you aren’t really into a shade of blue in your website, testing is definitely important to establish the best version of a website for your customers.

Shifting the mindset from your point of view into your customers’ can be started from their first impression they’ll get once visiting your site. Therefore, your design is important to generate the impression as it reflects the initial brand performance. Your brand performance can be addressed through the site elements, such as colors, fonts, and images, so please manage them in consistency.

Your customer is the hero of the story

Note to always remember that your customer is the hero of the story. Coming for a visit to your website, your customers will try to find solutions for their problems. Make sure that they believe they are the hero: the right person in the right place. All you need to do is engage your customers by giving solutions that hopefully benefit them.

As the hero of the story, the potential customers need a solution they can take as an advantage, and it can be established through content in your website. Having a blog site or any other content forms can give assistance to your customers to get answers for their questions. Moreover, blogging is an affordable marketing form as it only needs creativity, time, and your website as its broadcasting platform.

The customers statistically conduct research by blog reviewing before they decide to buy. The fact that blogs are scientifically proven to be trusted for their prior information makes the special section for it the best place for displaying supporting and relevant knowledge. It also can be a proof that you are worthy and can hopefully fulfill their needs.

Share social proof

Trust is a must to build, and there are several ways as social proof for you to establish it. To be more convincing, you can display reviews, studies of relevant cases, tangible evidence, and testimonials which can grab the customers’ trust. The experience from the previous users is a form of authentic connection that can ensure someone who wants to make the purchase. Once the customers trust the proof, they will consider it as a solution to their problem. Thus, the purchase decision is made to occur.

Putting reviews, case studies, tangible evidence and testimonials on display can be as important as establishing a unique value packaged in a strong and clear proposition. Collecting and displaying them along with the product description can help the customers to review the rating and recommendations before they decide to buy. If the business provides service, the visitors also generally look into portfolios, so they’ll be convinced to take less risk and decide to take a step forward.

Related to building a website, those are several key points for a business owner to focus on. In conclusion, the well-managed design is important to create a good impression which leads to satisfying user experience (UX). Viewing the mindset from their point is also as important as sharing reviews, relevant case studies, tangible evidence, and testimonials to make your website credible and trustworthy, so they can make a purchase decision.


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