Micro Goals: Small Steps that Leads To Success

December 17, 2021
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It is indeed important for business owners to set out a big main goal shared across the company. Take an example with Microsoft and its ambition to provide one computer on every desk and in every home. Back when they started, the said ambition might seem impossible to attain. Yet, now Microsoft has become one of the biggest operating systems and producer of many computers and laptops all over the world.

However, such a goal could feel very daunting, especially if you're just starting with your business. Instead of motivating you and your team, this seemingly difficult to achieve goal could discourage you from working your best.

Hence why setting out smaller tasks in the form of micro-goals is just as important for your business' operation. By translating the bigger goal into day-to-day goals that could be more attainable, your team would be more focused while working and become more motivated due to the triumph of achieving these smaller steps every day.

The micro-goals that you created would be a perfect roadmap that would help your business to get closer to the bigger goal that has been set out from the get-go. These are the tips on utilizing micro-goals that would help you attain your goal.

Recognize The Bigger Picture First

As beneficial as it sounds, setting out daily micro-goals won't be helpful if you don't even recognize the main goal you want to achieve. Ultimately, micro goals help translate your main bigger goals into simple steps. Simply put, if one doesn't know the direction they are going, finishing one micro-task at a time would amount to nothing.

Establish Attainable Small Steps

The main principle of setting out a micro goal is to start small. While looking at the bigger picture, think of one small step you can achieve today that would help you get closer to the main goal you want to achieve.

To make it easier for you to comprehend, we will use an example of losing weight. Let's say you have a goal of losing 15 kilograms of your weight healthily in one year. It might feel daunting to think of the weight you have to lose and your set time.

However, you can start by doing something as simple as cutting out eating all the candies and trying to walk 10 minutes every day for a whole week. Once you follow through with these small activities and be able to see the positive result by the end of the week, you'd feel more motivated to go the extra mile. Slowly but surely, you'd start to eat healthier and exercise more. Without you realizing it, you've reached your ideal weight and lived healthily by the end of the year.

From the example above, keeping the momentum of success through these small goals would be a significant drive that makes you believe that you can achieve the goals you have set up, even if it looked difficult in the beginning.

Focus On One Task At A Time

Setting out a big goal would help you move forward, whereas breaking down the goals into manageable micro goals will help you focus on the present.

As scary as it sounds, any big goal will be achieved simply by finishing the small tasks every day.  By focusing on one thing at a time, you'd be able to keep going without getting stuck and hung up on an unforeseen future.

Take Time To Reflect After Each Task

Having your big goal break down into smaller and attainable tasks would help you be more organized and clear-headed. Think of the end of each task as one pitstop where you can take a breather for a bit. During this time, you can begin to reflect on the past tasks, see far you've come, and measure and plan how you should approach the upcoming tasks.

This approach would help you tremendously when your business is facing trouble. Since you've broken down all the tasks into smaller steps and have enough time to reflect while finishing each of them, one issue that hinders you would feel like another solvable problem that won't discourage you at all.

Success begins from the one step you take today. Success has to begin somewhere. You can consider the micro-goals you set up as the tiny steps that bring you closer to your big goal. Be consistent and celebrate every single achievement that you have. Eventually, you'd be surprised at how well you are at achieving your job and believe that you can do everything you set out.


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