How Solving a Client’s Problem Led to Them Hiring Me

December 1, 2021
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As a digital marketing agency, we SAB has always been committed to providing comprehensive solutions to our client’s problem. We can create single or multi-channel campaigns that are tailored to our client’s needs.

In this writing, we will take you through a case study on our recent client, Webflowist. That way, you will understand what we get done and how we resolve our client's experiencing to the point that other people and companies trust us.

What is Our Client’s Problem?

Webflowist is a group of high-skilled thinkers, developers, and designers that assist in developing businesses in designing web pages from scratch. They create websites by taking the user experience and visuals of the sites into mind.

The high-impact development and design services include web design, UI/UX design, brand design, product design, funnel optimization, and automation. I delivered each of these services following the demands of the customers.

Then, what’s their problem? Webflowist aims to put out their best effort in showcasing a visually appealing web page to show their dependability in developing a highly responsive and aesthetically pleasing web page.

It's a prevalent issue but needs to be given serious consideration. The reason is that it can influence the sales of services Webflowist has to offer.

Another client’s problem is still related to their web pages, namely those crucial elements of a website that must be placed in a correct location. These include the placement of the call to action (CTA) and the presence of great copywriting.

Both elements are required to attract prospective customers, increase conversion rate, and of course, help the website meet its predetermined goals.

How Do We Solve Our Customer’s Problem

Several problems should be addressed. Thus, let's break down the solutions we provided to each issue into the following sections:

Web Design

First, we developed a complete web page for our client that included all essential aspects of a business in web development and design services.

On this point, we opted for modern design to create a website for Webflowist. It's not without reason why we select this contemporary look to be implemented in our client's website.

Being successful requires Webflowist to assist their web visitors in developing trust and confidence in their business. In the first few seconds after their website loads, modern individuals will decide whether or not they can trust Webflowist and want to know more about them to the point that they want to work with them.

Taking this into account, we chose modern web design to overcome our client’s problem. That way, their visitors can be more focused on the most critical messages and aspects the client would like to convey to their prospective customers. It will also show the visitors that Webflowist always keeps their website up to date and remain relevant.

Website Elements

A nice-looking site is not solid enough to attract customers, let alone increase sales. Therefore, we tried to address another issue that might arise within our client's upcoming website, namely the performance of the site itself.

After all, no one will ever want to stay on a website with a slow loading speed. That is why our web-performance expert did everything to ensure that Webflowist is highly responsive and can finish load in under five seconds.

We also identified what the visitors would like to see first the moment the website completes its loads and the following things they want to know.

We made sure that I placed each button at the correct location to give a pleasurable user experience. To make the website more engaging in visitors' eyes, we created great copywriting that highlights the values and strengths of Webflowist.

With the ability of our proficient conversion copywriter, we solved our client’s problem in copywriting by crafting well-written copywriting that can drive profitability and help Webflowist achieve goals.

What Are the Results?

Our services have proven to be positively impactful in our client’s business. We did not pitch them anything. Instead, we showed the worth of our services by providing comprehensive solutions to our customer's problems.

Regarding our web design and development outcomes for Webflowist, they generated over 150 inquiries during their few first months of operation. Their online revenue increases by 320%, conversion rate increases by approximately 48%, and website traffic increases by 211%.

All those positive outcomes led us to other clients interested in working with us and using the digital marketing services.

Service in our agency is not solely about things we perform but also about how we do things. From concept to optimization, we make sure everything is simple for our clients and going above and beyond to satisfy them.

We are not just solving our client’s problem, but we also place great importance on leading with value in all things we do. This principle provides our clients and prospective customers with an in-depth understanding that they make a significant investment by trusting in us. It makes us stand out in our industry and allows us to demonstrate our best expertise.




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