NPS Pemuda (IT Solution)

PT. NPS Pemuda Berdikarisma was founded by a group of experienced professionals Services of IT and power products with the same vision to bring solutions.
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Cost Savings


More than offline


Growth per month


Many IT provider don’t really bother to give explanation to their clinets in their website and how to display their products and service. NPS Pemuda runs some products and their service as well, that’s why they needed a team to handle the digital marketing and stuffto give their client anoption to choose.


SAB came and reconstruct the plan of NPS Pemuda. We transformed the pricing system to planned systems. Not only for NPS Pemuda, but also for their partners. Now, the website is a go to place to get and purchased specialty for service.

Before and After.

We modified the visual and the user flow Before (Left) and After (Right). User can get the information about NPS Pemuda faster and easier.

Plan and Options

We provide the plant and option to choose. No confusion at the fist place and of course, clear information.

IT Study Case.

We add the study case section to give their client’s trust and reflected problem back to their clients. NPS Pemuda need to show what they have done to their past clients.


By the online implementation, Airis has a more than 100% of cost savings because they don’t have to rent the space anymore.


Cost Savings


More than offline


Growth per month
Satisfied and more than happy. I can't recommend SAB enough!
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